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1on1 | Trisha McKinney | Fall ’22

ASYLUMforART 2505 14 St SW, Calgary

A large part of my appreciation is to help young children discover their own joy for it.  There is a magic to opening this brand new world to them and have them realize that they too have a voice to add to it.


Kinders (4.5 – 6 yrs) Independent | Fall ’22 | S10:00

ASYLUMforART 2505 14 St SW, Calgary

This program is about nurturing the transition to independent learning and engagement.  vocal development is a main focus of this class. We participate in engaging musical activities with focus on dramatic play and developing our singing voice.

$30 – $480

for Fall Classes until June 25

Registration deadlines
Summer: June 25
Fall: August 31

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