Kassandra Schantz

Are you ready to discover your voice’s true potential? I believe anyone can sing as long as they have passion and perseverance.

My name is Kassandra Schantz. I grew up in Westlock, AB and from a young age I performed in many community theatre productions. (My debut on stage was as the baby in Fiddler on the Roof.) I attended my first opera at the age of 13, and it seemed to me like musical theatre on steroids. I was hooked, and began my classical singing training the following year. I completed my Bachelor of Music at the University of Victoria under the guidance of Benjamin Butterfield, and my Masters of Music at the University of Ottawa under the guidance of Christiane Riel. As a budding mezzo-soprano, I performed in many oratorios and operas, most recently as Dorabella in the University of Ottawa’s production of Cosi fan Tutte. Now I have returned to Alberta and am eager to share my passion, knowledge and experience.

First we will simply explore your voice, in an open and safe space, and then I will tailor lessons to suit your specific goals and needs as they arise, whether you’re an absolute beginner, or getting ready for the audition process.

I’ll give you a solid foundation in the basics of singing, beginning with a focus on breath support, proper onset (when the vocal chords come together to produce sound), vowel formation, production of resonance, and the overall anatomy of the vocal mechanism. We will work on releasing tension and bad habits, replacing them with healthy techniques.

Whatever genre you are pursuing, be it musical theatre, contemporary, jazz, folk or pop, I will help strengthen your performance skills, including stage presence and story telling. Singing, after all, is story telling in its most vulnerable form.

My ultimate goal is to reveal to you your own unique and pure voice, and to give you the tools to feel confident in, and even fall in love with, that voice. The process can be both fun and profound.

Come sing with me!

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1 on 1 Lessons

1 on 1 Lessons

We offer 1 on 1 lessons in most instruments. This is the best way to focus on a specific topic and completely tailor your learning. Please contact the instructor directly to set up scheduling or fill out the placement form for us to suggest the best teacher for you.
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