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Jory Kinjo Clinic

Jory Kinjo Clinic

February 15, 2020 12:00 am
  • Constructing simple bass lines
  • Using Bass notes/lines in guitar comping
  • Comping reggae & ska on the guitar
  • Singing and playing at the same time
  • Industry related artist stuff: Booking, net working, social media, etc

Jory Kinjo brings a unique history to his music and draws from his experiences playing and performing Soul, Ska, Reggae and Rhythm & Blues all over the world.

Kinjo grew up in Calgary, AB. playing old-school soul music with long-standing soul band, ...
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Tim Williams FingerPickin' the Blues

Tim Williams FingerPickin’ the Blues

May 3, 2020 12:00 am

Tim Williams, a 40 year veteran of the roots music scene in North America, is a blues-based singer/ songwriter/ multi- instrumentalist, and is in constant demand. Inspired by the Hillbilly and Western Swing music he heard as a child, Tim absorbed late Fifties Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll, Hawaiian and Mexican music, early Sixties Folk, and Bluegrass “like a sponge” before discovering a passion for traditional blues styles which was fueled by seing many first generation blues musicians ...
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