Group Class Registration

Registration for group classes are done through The Asylum for Art and take place at The K Ward. Registration can be done online at or by calling (403) 969 7257

For dates and other information, consult the webpage for the specific class or contact the instructor

Private Lesson Registration

Private instruction is offered in guitar, theory and 5-string banjo through Asylum for Art as an off campus location for MRU Conservatory and ARMTA location in Marda Loop. Scheduling is made with Scott Arnold and registration arranged at that time. An MRU Off Campus Form must be completed. The $15/semester Off Campus fee is paid by The Asylum for Art


Fees for Fretboard Harmony, FingerPickin' and Campfire Bootcamp 101 classes, Garage Band and Fretboard Harmony for Classical Guitarists are charged per semester through The Asylum for Art. The Asylum for Art accepts etransfers, Cheque, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. There is a 3% discount for etransfer or cheque payments

Fees for private lessons are charged per semester or for the full year by the Asylum for Art, payable in full or by choosing an instalment option at the time of registration. Asylum for Art accepts etransfer, Cheque, VISA, MasterCard and American Express for payment in full or for the instalment option when registering for private lessons. There is a 2.9% surcharge for credit card payments for private lessons. The $15/semester Off Campus fee is paid by The Asylum for Art

Instalment Options

Instalment options are available for fall semester, winter semester, and for combined fall/winter.

Option 1: Payment for one semester - a 20% payment is required with the balance paid over four equal monthly instalments beginning on the 15th of the first month of the term (Sept. 15, Oct. 15, Nov. 15, Dec. 15) or (Feb. 15, Mar. 15, Apr. 15, May. 15).

Option 2: Payment for the full year - a 20% payment for the fall term is required with the balance of the fall term paid in four equal monthly instalments beginning Sept. 15. The first payment for the winter term is charged January 15 with the balance of the winter term paid in four equal monthly instalments beginning Feb. 15.

Tuition tax receipts

The Asylum has been approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Skills Development to provide T2202A forms for tax deduction.

T2202A (tax tuition forms) are available for anybody who is 16 years of age or older (including those who turn 16 in the calendar year). At least $100 in tuition will have had to have been paid in that time period.

At the end of February, you will be provided, by email, with the tax forms for the previous year.