Nicole Berry

The shortest description of Nicole Berry would be: She loves Music and Teaching! Born and raised in Russia, Nicole speaks three languages: English, French and Russian. She is a musician and a qualified language teacher with over 12 years of experience of working with children and adults. 

Nicole’s life has been all about music. She started learning piano in Music School when she was 6 years old. Later on, she learned the accordion and was involved in her college choir as a soloist. This built a strong foundation for the start of a lifelong passion for her. 

Nicole is passionate about music and teaching. Her two passions have brought her to the creation of the new project called “Singing Kids” Language Club that combines music activities and language learning where kids enjoy singing and doing music activities. Her students have performed at different events such as Halloween, Christmas, Graduation, etc. She enjoys writing custom songs for her students’ performances as well as for other people. Therefore, she organizes Birthday Surprises where she writes custom songs based on client’s preferences.

Outside of teaching, Nicole is an author and a composer of her original songs, rhymes and poems for children and is a Singer/Songwriter and Piano/Keyboard player. She writes and sings in three languages: English, French and Russian and creates and produces a variety of original songs in different styles at her home studio. 

Among her teaching degree, Nicole has various certifications in music as well as in Creative Movement for children, which allows her successfully apply that knowledge to run dance and movement classes. She is also a founder of the program called “Sing4Fun” where music lovers would get together for singing, music activities and fun!

Outside of her music and teaching, she loves sport, traveling and spending time with her 5 years old daughter who seems to have the same music passion as her!

French Singing Kids!

Russian Singing Kids!

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Singing Kids French Club

Singing Kids French Club

Did you know that all children are musical? Have you ever wonder that you can encourage language learning by nurturing the musical growth of your child? This unique program that combines music activities and language maintaining will help you with those goals!
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Singing Kids Russian Club

Singing Kids Russian Club

The program is held in Russian. This is the unique opportunity for your child to sing and do all music activities in Russian! The program is divided into 3 age-appropriate levels for children from 12 months to 11 years old.
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