Katilyn Southgate

Kaitlyn Southgate is a Music Therapist, pianist, and guitarist originally from Okotoks. She fell in love with music at a young age when her grandmother would play the organ and teach Kaitlyn little bits here and there. Her formal music training began with classical piano and soon expanded to include guitar exploring music of all genres! This love of music brought her to study Music Therapy at Acadia University, where she learned how different aspects of music could be used to help clients work toward a wide variety of goals that may be related to behavioral, communicative, emotional, social, verbal, and/or musical needs. Kaitlyn also loves using music to bring people together outside of therapeutic settings – learning new instruments as you jam along with a group, co-writing songs about what’s going on, and taking a moment to slow down and enjoy the music around you.

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Let's Jam with Miss Kaitlyn

Let’s Jam with Miss Kaitlyn

While making music and having fun hold centre stage during Let’s Jam!, there is so much more going on behind the curtains! When we rock along with our instruments, the kids will be learning different aspects of musical rhythm and simultaneously fine-tuning those motor skills that will help score that goal, hike that trail, or knit that scarf. Writing songs together allows for expression and exploration, leads to conversation with others, and provides a lasting project. On top of just being fun, moving to music provides exercise and releases dopamine, that ‘feel good’ hormone. Our classes will be structured around themes that inspire unfamiliar instruments to explore, different ways to move, new music to listen to, and original songs to write and sing.
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