Nikko ‘Blow the Roof Off’ Forsberg – Live Online

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Sunday November 19, 2017
7:00 pm
Nikko Forsberg

 House Concert

This is my Rifle. This is my my gun ... There are many like it, but this one is mine ... Without my gun, I am useless. My rifle without me is useless ... Do you get it? This is me ... My guitar and my brain and heart are my rifle here to slaughter the idea of writers block or any limits to music playing or theory ... I didn't get here by taking it easy ... I took it by the gonads ... Heroes and foes alike assisted me in my findin the path to my true religion ... Music is my god ... I have 4 text books now and play jazz 4 nights a week and sing in one of the best metal bands in Western America ... What I have to offer is a never ending approach maze ... I don't even know where to begin ... I can take a bar of Bach and write 333 yeas of tunes with it no prob ... Anyway, I like most music, but jazz is my main outlet, so that is what I will perform at the concert ... I've been at this for 25 years ... Went to Mohawk in Hamilton for jazz 20 years ago and had some heavy stuff hurled on to me ... I love music ... I am a little rough around the edges ... Love time signatures and modal stuff ... I will be doing a masterclass on jazz pentatonics.

My gods have always used Pentatonics, man ... Ravi Shankar ... John Coltrane ... Bruce Lee ... Jimi Hendrix ... Sabbath ... Navajo Death Chants ... Man, they all got this stuff ... Pyramids ar 5 sided penta hedrons ... Somethin' about 5 note selections is real and very useful for any style ... Time to give the world a hand through going places instead of being stagnant. This is my rifle; this is my gun; this one's for fighting and this one's for fun ... Here's some tunes in different time signatures to prove I don't suck ... lol

Classic standards ... I will be playing some new tunes off an album I wrote for a chick in Los Angelos at the concert ... Thanks ... I don't wanna be anyone else ... I am me ... You won't forget it neither ... Nikko Forsgerg ... ps I'm bringin' some books to sell that you can't get at a store 'cause they are too taboo ... lol

Seriously just finished a book called Theory Porn Using Classical and Modern Cycles Superimposed ... If I was reading this I'd wanna hear and meet me ... See you there ... Self done bio, eh ... What are you gonna do, eh

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