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Sunday December 17, 2017
9:00 pm
Mike Watson on Sunday Night Radio


Mike Watson. Take the influences of 1920s and 1930s Delta blues, play it through amps and recording technologies of the 1950s, and filter it through the musical sensibilities of a child of the grunge-era 90s, and you have Mike Watson's band,

The 6L6's.

After years honing in on the most primal guitar sounds he could find, he began seeking out new sounds during the last few years of the King Eddy's life while at the same time digging up old recordings of blues men, hill people, hollers, and prewar gospel.

All of this occurring, as he worked for a decade as a full time touring tech for every conceivable band and festival

across Canada, from Beyonce to Van Morrison, from Billy Talent to Blue Rodeo, the list goes on and on.

Bringing an immense cross section of knowledge that covers every genre of music, every brand and make of amplifier, every possible stage from ballroom, to festival, to living room.

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