December 11, 2020



Gianetta Baril

Gianetta Baril has had a distinguished solo career for over 30 years. While concertising throughout Germany, France, England, Poland, and the Czech Republic, she consistently received glowing praise for her charming presence, dramatic artistry and spectacular technique. Career highlights include concerts behind the Iron Curtain, performing as Canada’s representative to the World Harp Congresses in Vienna and Paris and as a soloist for the Queen, Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana.  Since returning to Canada, she has performed a wide variety of solo and chamber music recitals throughout Western Canada. Her first solo CD “Luminescence” was released in June of 2008 and her CBC SM-5000 recording of Harp Concerti with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra won a Juno Award for the Best Recording of a Canadian Work.

A passionate teacher, Gianetta maintains an active studio at the Mount Royal University Conservatory, was Chairman of the Focus on Youth section of the World Harp Congress held in 2011 and is co-founder of the Canadian International Summer Harp Institute in Vancouver. Many of her dedicated students have received top awards for Royal Conservatory examinations and have continued onto graduate studies and professional careers. Her dedication and keenness to share her love of the harp has led to an invitation to perform and teach for the “Social Action Through Music” project in Rio de Janiero in the Fall of 2014. This exceptional programme offers underprivileged children from the favelas a new life of possibilities through the gift of music lessons and involvement in an orchestra. In preparation for this exciting opportunity, Gianetta is now eagerly studying Brazilian Portuguese!