April 22, 2022



Keith Rodger
Ryan McNally
Catherine Robertson
Pete Cormier

Keith Rodger, multi instrument
Ryan McNally, bass
Catherine Robertson, fiddle
Howlin’ Pete Cormier, drums

Atfer too many years of playing on other peoples records and, just as often, playing other peoples basslines off of other peoples records, your old and new buddy: Calgary bassist, mandolinist, tenor banjoist guitarist and now singer/songwriter Keith Rodger has finally scratched out a few quality tracks of his own!  Beginning as a campfireside improvisational comedy pasttime and moving through a full run of cellphone voice memo databases, Keith has put together a collection of strange and wonderful original folk and country tunes composed and performed entirely by himself, barring one stock sample of a kookaburra bird.

This is a concert to celebrate the release of those tunes into the great wide world!