February 17, 2021



Annie da Silva

Annie da Silva is a musician from the west coast currently living in Calgary. After growing up across Canada and experiencing both musical coasts, they fell in love with storytelling and words at a young age. Through poetry and song, they began their journey of composing music over the last eight years and have explored genres such as folk, indie, soul and RnB. Having written and produced several entrancing tracks and five albums, Annie has found a wonderful medium to share life lessons and storytelling in an honest and vulnerable way. Annie has also been professionally performing with several groups throughout the city for the last five years and made their second home on the stage. As a music teacher, Annie has been working with students of varying ages since 2016. They began teaching privately in homes through word of mouth and referral and then was recruited to instruct at a private music school in January of 2018 and began honing their teaching practice. Annie’s students now range from the ages of 6 years old to 60 years old and as well as teaching private lessons, they have held workshops, clinics, summer camps and taught large group classes in varying forms and settings. Annie’s passion for music and teaching sit at the core of their life and Annie’s compassion for their students is an incredible tool that they are able to use to tailor each lesson to the student.