Put in your order and we’ll have your grub and libations ready for you when you get here! We will still be taking orders, so don’t feel like this is your last chance to get what you need, but this will streamline your experience and give the staff here a fighting chance of getting everyone’s drink and food out in time as the crowd piles in at showtime.

Please, just place your order and pick a time of arrival. When you get here, we will match your order to your table and will be ready to get your order out to you. Please come early to help the kitchen out!

At checkout, choose ‘Add it to my bill’ and you won’t be charged for anything.

This is a brand new process and I’m sure there will be some wrinkly bits that need to some major smoothing. Please send me a message with your comments – good and bad – with how the system worked and how it can be improved.

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One Love Hazy ISA

Belma and Louise NEPA

Gluten Free Beer

English Dry Cider

Non-Alcoholic German Beer

Belgian Pilsner


Mexican Pale Lager


Irish Stout

Saskatoon Berry Apple - Sunny Cider



Farmer's Daughter Pale Ale

Shotgun Wedding Brown Ale

Batch No. 1 Session Ale



Blindman Brewery - Sour Beer