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Sid began playing folk music and original songs in Calgary long before there was a Calgary Folk Music Club or an Edmonton Folk Festival. People in those days were indifferent to local songwriters, to put it mildly. Sid is a fourth generation Albertan and a former park warden who worked in the mountain national parks for many years.  He is also the award-winning author of five books of nonfiction and five books of poetry. The songs on his second album, entitled Elsewhere, range from laments for third world child soldiers to a celebration of Alberta’s vanishing ranching culture to passionate love songs and up-tempo celebrations of Rocky Mountain days and nights


“Marty’s songs are simple in structure but rich in melody and richer yet in content. A real treat.”    Calgary Herald

“Lady in Green (is) one of the most beautiful tunes I’ve heard” Folk on Tap Magazine, Waterlooville, England.

“With pipes like that, why isn’t he singing everywhere?

Vicki Gabereau , C.B.C. Radio

“If people are unsure of what good well written contemporary folk music sounds like this record (Let the River Run) is a must.  I’ve been waiting to hear music like this for years.”

Willie P.Bennett

“[Mountain Earth]… the first track on Elsewhere…makes the rest of the universe fade away, and while listening to it I can hardly remember how any other song goes.”

Murray Leeder: Canadian Folk Music Bulletin, Spring 2004



(Sid Marty’s books are published in Toronto by McClelland and Stewart)






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