Campfire Guitar for Kids Guitar Class

Scott Arnold
Calgary Academy of Music, Fall Session only
Our New, yet to be named studio, Winter and Spring Sessions

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Campfire Guitar Bootcamp 101 for Youth Guitar Class for 9-15 year olds is a spinoff of the popular Campfire Bootcamp 101 for adults. Whether just beginning or experienced, students are given the opportunity to play and sing fun, varied songs appropriate to their age group. The songs are written out in an easy to understand format with basic instruction on how to approach accompaniment and soloing. Variations are included on how to expand those techniques to ensure all students reach their potential. Class size is kept small so students receive personalized instruction and the setlist is chosen primarily by the students.

Topics explored include:

  • Open Position Chords
  • Bass Lines
  • Singing while Playing
  • Simple Melodies
  • Basic Lead Technique
  • Percussive Accompaniment

No experience is necessary, however basic guitar technique is helpful. Enrollees are required to have their own instrument and a capo.


  1. Scott Arnold

    Scott here. I teach this class. This class evolved out of the Campfire Guitar Bootcamp 101 for Adults when I was teaching it at MRU Conservatory. It was actually one of those participants who wanted the same for his son. It is a fun way for kids to get involved in music, learn to play with others and learn some basic techniques without getting bogged down with a lot of theory or rigid practicing. There certainly is a place for that and many of the students take private lessons along with this class to really learn their chops. The value in this class in to have fun and put their knowledge to practice. The value in this class is in creating a passion for the instrument

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