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Collection of 3 books:

Musical Examples

Author: Scott Arnold

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This is a 3 part collection of books which is used in the Fretboard Harmony 101 course. The first book covers the concepts of theory, the second is a collection of musical examples and the third is a practice routine to follow

This collection is the beginning of of a curriculum which offers training in the idiomatic way the guitar works in all genres – from classical to country to jazz. The primary goal of the curriculum is to become familiar with the rudimentary harmonic and melodic patterns used by the musicians we love and to unlock the mystery surrounding the recurrence of these patterns on the fretboard. We begin with fundamental musicianship training and expand that to the guitar. Toward the end of the course we explore artistic, logical ways to approach improvisation.

Topics explored include:

  • The Function of the Notes in Open Position and Pattern Major Scales
  • Transposition
  • The Location and Function of Major and Minor Triads in Major Keys
  • Bass Lines
  • Diatonic and Dominant Chord Progressions
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • Harmonic and Melodic Voice Leading
  • Improvisation

This curriculum is valuable for guitarists at a beginner to advanced level of any playing style. Reading standard notation, although helpful, is not required because this class approaches the music from a harmonic perspective as it relates to the patterns of the fretboard

This is a hard copy book as well as a pdf download

The cost of this collection is $25 if registered in Fretboard Harmony 101 


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