Fretboard Harmony for Classical Guitarists


Teacher: Scott Arnold
Location: K Ward, Asylum for Art

16 Classes

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We will accomplish 2 things in this class and the sequels soon to come:

  1. Learn the material from Fretboard Harmony 101, 201 and 301, but in a manner that better suits the classical guitar
  2. Learn all the components of RCM exam technical requirements for grade 1 – 4 with an emphasis on harmony

This class is designed around the RCM technical requirements, but with an emphasis on learning harmony as it applies to the guitar


  • All open position scales will be learned
  • These patterns will be logically transposed into other keys so there is a logical relationship between the fingering required by RCM
  • Scales will be used to create melodies so that there will be a musical relationship between the scales and the pieces
  • Improvisation will be used to further internalize the scales
  • Cadences will be varied to learn different chord progressions and discussion on their relevance and use
  • Major and Minor scales will be learned, but also other well used scales such as Natural Minor, other modes and more
  • Using scales to create a foundation for the harmony (bass notes)
  • Discussion on technique to make scales faster and smoother


  • Varied chord progressions to further internalize the relevance and use of chord progressions
  • further discussion of triads, there relevance and their use
  • Discussion on ergonomic, sympathetic finger movement to make arpeggios relaxed, fast and smooth

Ear Training

This is where this class will be most useful. Applying intervals to the guitar and learning how the scale patterns create melodies and chords in paramount to playing in a logical, thoughtful way. We will do all the RCM requirements for intervals, melody playback and rhythm with the focus on:

  • Different patterns we learn in the scale portion of the curriculum
  • An emphasis on hearing chord progressions
  • Improvising on a melody or chord progression
  • Arpeggio shapes and pentatonic scales to illustrate the relationship between chord progressions and melodies


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Grade 1 – 4, Grade 5 – 8, Grade 9 +


Fall 2018, Spring 2019


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