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Scott Arnold
Calgary Academy of Music, Fall Session only
Our New, yet to be named studio, Winter and Spring Sessions

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The FingerPicking Guitar Class will explore just that – FingerPicking. It is split up into 4 parts:

Intro to FingerPickin’

Break away from strumming the same pattern all the time and learn about bass lines, fingerpickin’ patterns and a tool box full of licks and tricks to make you sound like a pro! You should have a comfortable relationship with your basic chords before attempting this adventure, but you don’t need to be a pro – that’s what you learn here.

Intro to Travis Pickin’

Merl Travis didn’t invent it, but he sure rocked it enough to have his name put to it. We start with some Travis Pickin’ accompaniment patterns and move on to a playing a melody at the same time as the chords. What?!! Melody and chords at the same time, you ask? It is true.

More Accompaniment Patterns and Chord Melodies

I think you’ll need a bigger toolbox! These are the licks, tricks, rhythms and patterns that will make them name a style after you. We’ll look at Muted notes, Chuckin’, Bossa Rhythms, Melody/Strum Patterns, Chord Melodies and more…

Advanced Travis Pickin’

It gets harder than the intro class? It sure does! Check out Merle Travis (of course), Doc Watson, Richard Thompson, Mississippi John Hurt, Tommy Emanuel, Harry Sacksioni and lots more great stuff. We’ll do new songes each time, so keep comin’ back!!

From Student Evaluation Forms at MRU Conservatory when the classes were taught there

Fall 2016 – 3.43/4, 4/4 (mean rating per class)

“Very effective structure and flow of course material”

“Great course and instructor”

Winter 2016 3.78/4 (mean rating per class)

2 reviews for FingerPickin’ Guitar Class

  1. Scott Arnold

    Scott Here. I teach this class. This class grew out of the Campfire Guitar Bootcamp 101 for Adults when I was teaching it at MRU Conservatoty. It was apparent that there was a need for students in that class to focus on techniques on playing chords better rather than strumming the same pattern all the time. I’m a classical guitarist by trade, but have studied a lot of styles and invented a few techniques. This is the the result of this work. Much of it is typical to what other people do. Some of it is unique to me. All of it will fill your toolbox with lots of possibilities to individualize your music and understand the structure of chords and how to get from one to the other nicely

  2. Leanne Siebert

    When I first started with Scott about 2 years ago, I only knew about a dozen chords. I started in his Campfire Class and once I found out that Fingerpicking was offered, I was quick to sign up. I have completed both levels I & II and am amazed at how much I’ve learned. Scott takes you step by step through picking/finger-style patterns, then shows you how to apply them to songs. These courses have opened up a whole new “guitar world” for me and I’m sure having fun being able to play such tunes as Blackbird and Tears in Heaven! I never thought at my age, that I’d ever to be able to achieve what I’ve done. I highly recommend both Fingerpicking classes.

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