Garage Band Revival for Adults


Teacher: Scott Arnold
Location: HeadQuarters, Asylum for Art

Age 18+

I’m 2 Classy!

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This isn’t a class as much as it is a great place to get together in small groups to play  and share music. It will complement the Campfire Guitar Bootcamp 101 well in that there will only be 1 meeting/month and rather than learning a pile of songs and riding the wave in a big group weekly. There will only be a handful of songs, small groups and proper arrangements. Experiment with songwriting and learn the ins and outs of making arrangements.

  • Form
    • Verse, Chorus, Bridge, etc.
    • Intros/Outros
    • Instrumental sections
    • Interludes
  • Instrumentation
  • Key
  • Presentation
  • How to have an Effective Rehearsal
  • How to Practice

This first ‘class’ will also be setting up the first set of partnerships. After that, the work is on your shoulders – get together, make arrangements, rehearse, practice and rehearse some more

The rest of the sessions will be performing, talking about the performances and working to improve them and setting up the next set of partnerships. We can talk about:

  • Arrangements
  • Harmonization
  • Performance
  • Suggestions of Additional Parts
  • Lots More …

I expect most of the participants will be acoustic guitarists, but I definitely encourage other instrumentalists and vocalists to participate and perhaps take the opportunity to branch out into another instrument which you’ve been working hard at, should the opportunity lend itself. It could be acoustic instruments, electric instruments, vocalists, anything really!! The groups will be between 2 and 4 people, so in the 8 sessions, everyone will have and opportunity to work with everyone else in the group and in a wide variety of ensembles

The sessions will be on the last Saturday of every month, September to April, but am leaving the maximum registration open so that, should there be too many participants, I’ll open up another session.

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2019 Summer, 2019/20 Season


Saturday, May 25, Monday, June 24, Monday, July 29, Monday, August 26, Saturday, September 28, All 5 Months, Last Saturday of every Month


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