Nikko Forsberg House Concert

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This is my Rifle. This is my my gun … There are many like it, but this one is mine … Without my gun, I am useless. My rifle without me is useless … Do you get it? This is me … My guitar and my brain and heart are my rifle here to slaughter the idea of writers block or any limits to music playing or theory … I didn’t get here by taking it easy … I took it by the gonads … Heroes and foes alike assisted me in my findin the path to my true religion … Music is my god … I have 4 text books now and play jazz 4 nights a week and sing in one of the best metal bands in Western America … What I have to offer is a never ending approach maze … I don’t even know where to begin … I can take a bar of Bach and write 333 yeas of tunes with it no prob … Anyway, I like most music, but jazz is my main outlet, so that is what I will perform at the concert … I’ve been at this for 25 years … Went to Mohawk in Hamilton for jazz 20 years ago and had some heavy stuff hurled on to me … I love music … I am a little rough around the edges … Love time signatures and modal stuff … I will be doing a masterclass on jazz pentatonics.

My gods have always used Pentatonics, man … Ravi Shankar … John Coltrane … Bruce Lee … Jimi Hendrix … Sabbath … Navajo Death Chants … Man, they all got this stuff … Pyramids ar 5 sided penta hedrons … Somethin’ about 5 note selections is real and very useful for any style … Time to give the world a hand through going places instead of being stagnant. This is my rifle; this is my gun; this one’s for fighting and this one’s for fun … Here’s some tunes in different time signatures to prove I don’t suck … lol

Classic standards … I will be playing some new tunes off an album I wrote for a chick in Los Angelos at the concert … Thanks … I don’t wanna be anyone else … I am me … You won’t forget it neither … Nikko Forsgerg … ps I’m bringin’ some books to sell that you can’t get at a store ’cause they are too taboo … lol

Seriously just finished a book called Theory Porn Using Classical and Modern Cycles Superimposed … If I was reading this I’d wanna hear and meet me … See you there … Self done bio, eh … What are you gonna do, eh


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Past Shows

April 29, 2017
November 19, 2017


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