FingerPicking Guitar Class


Teacher: Scott Arnold
Location: K Ward, Asylum for Art

16 Classes



The FingerPicking Guitar Class will explore just that – FingerPicking. The first semester of classes strives to break out of the the pattern of strumming and learn the different components of the chord. initially, we start by breaking the bass note out of the chord and learn some rhythms, bass runs and tricks to make guitar accompaniment a dialog rather than a slave to the voice. We work through some other components and songs until we are able to play melodies, bass lines and chords all at the same time. Finally, there is a section on Travis Picking.

The second semester of classes expand on the material learned in the first part with an emphasis on playing melodies with the accompaniment. Other accompaniment tricks are explored such as muted chords and expanded bass lines. Playing styles from other regions and more intricate chord melodies are also explored as well as harmonizing melodies in 3rds and 6ths. We close out the semester with some Travis Picking

There will be consistency with the musical examples for this class and the Campfire Bootcamp 101 class so students enrolled in both will have an opportunity to refine their skills in a group setting.

Topics explored include:

  • Arpeggiated Accompaniment
  • Hammer Ons and Pull Offs
  • Singing while Playing
  • Simple Melodies with Bass Lines
  • Block Chords with Bass Lines
  • Muted Chords and the Chuck
  • Melodies in 3rds and 6ths
  • Bossa and Samba Rhythms
  • Travis Picking

Basic guitar technique is required. Enrollees will need their own instrument and a capo.

From Student Evaluation Forms at MRU Conservatory when the classes were taught there

Fall 2016 – 3.43/4, 4/4 (mean rating per class)

“Very effective structure and flow of course material”

“Great course and instructor”

Winter 2016 3.78/4 (mean rating per class)

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