Scottie’s Cheat Sheet ExtraOrdinaire


Author: Scott Arnold

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Everything you need to know in 2 pages!! To use this properly, you would need some background in basic harmony and fretboard theory to understand how the shapes move around the fretboard

Hardcopy comes laminated

Available for lefties too!

This includes

  • The notes on the fretboard
  • The basic chord shapes organized in a circle of fifths with the root and 5th marked for alternating bass lines
  • A circle of 5ths diagram with the diatonic chord structure outlined
  • basic barre chords with roots and 5ths marked
  • Diatonic major and minor scales over the entire fretboard with scale degrees notated and the root and 5th highlighted
  • Major and minor pentatonic scales over the entire fretboard with chord intervals marked and triads highlighted


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