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Jory Kinjo House Concert

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Jory Kinjo brings a unique history to his music and draws from his experiences playing and performing Soul, Ska, Reggae and Rhythm & Blues all over the world.

Kinjo grew up in Calgary, AB. playing old-school soul music with long-standing soul band, Mocking Shadows. In 1999, he joined the band and warmed the stage for Canadian 3 tours with the B.B. King and other artists such as ZZ Top and Buddy Guy.

In 2007, Kinjo toured Europe playing bass for Montreal’s third-wave ska kings, the Planet Smashers. The Smashers toured with punk legends Bad Religion and headlined other European festivals. This experience ignited a love for ska & reggae and inspired a new direction in his music.

Kinjo formed “JK & the Relays” in 2009 and has toured such acts as Fishbone (LA) and the English Beat (UK). JK & the Relays were breakout performers at the 2012 Montreal Ska Festival and the 2013 Victoria Ska Festival.

In 2009, Kinjo also formed Kiai Music Inc. as an umbrella under which to operate. Kiai Music produced 3 tours for artists such as the Slackers (NYC), the Aggrolites (LA) and Chris Murray (LA), bringing some these bands to Alberta for the first time. Kiai Music produced many local shows and showcases for developing Calgary and Edmonton artists.

In 2010 Kinjo formed a project with his brothers, Kaley Kinjo, Tashi Kinjo and Shaw Kinjo. The Kinjo Bros. were invited to perform in Okinawa, Japan at the Naha Matsuri Festival which was broadcast live on TV and Radio in southern Japan. The Bros. have since performed in Japan many times, Jory recently returned from Okinawa in the fall 2016 from a Kinjo Bros. performance at the World Uchinanchu Taikai festival.

Kinjo has appeared with a wide array of artists from UB40 to South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela. Most recent shows of note would be with Ziggy Marley on his Canadian tours in both 2014 and 2016.


Sid Marty House Concert

Saturday, March 10, 2018

 Sid began playing folk music and original songs in Calgary long before there was a Calgary Folk Music Club or an Edmonton Folk Festival. People in those days were indifferent to local songwriters, to put it mildly. Sid is a fourth generation Albertan and a former park warden who worked in the mountain national parks for many years.  He is also the award-winning author of five books of nonfiction and five books of poetry. The songs on his second album, entitled Elsewhere, range from laments for third world child soldiers to a celebration of Alberta's vanishing ranching culture to passionate love songs and up-tempo celebrations of Rocky Mountain days and nights

The music critics say:

      "Marty's songs are simple in structure but rich in melody and richer yet in content. A real treat."    Calgary Herald

     "Lady in Green (is) one of the most beautiful tunes I've heard" Folk on Tap Magazine, Waterlooville, England. 

       "With pipes like that, why isn't he singing everywhere?

         Vicki Gabereau , C.B.C. Radio 

    "If people are unsure of what good well written contemporary folk music sounds like this record (Let the River Run) is a must.  I've been waiting to hear music like this for years."

        Willie P.Bennett

“[Mountain Earth]… the first track on Elsewhere...makes the rest of the universe fade away, and while listening to it I can hardly remember how any other song goes.”

         Murray Leeder: Canadian Folk Music Bulletin, Spring 2004 





Scott Arnold House Concert

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Scott Arnold, RMT (ARMT), Off-Campus Instructor (MRU), Guitarist, Banjoist, Trombonist, Composer, Arranger, Guitar Guru (CBC), Counter-Culture Nomad (CBC), Benevolent Dictator, Author, Photographer, Dog Sledder, self committed member of The Asylum for Art, all 'round nice guy and graw as ... (Tracy A Smith) believes that art is a reflection of society and making art is a balance of expressing your own beliefs within the framework of our culture, but at the same time advancing the language and technique and dedicating good time to ensure the next generation is capable of doing the same to carry the torch to the following generation

Scott spent his misguided youth playing classical piano and guitar before establishing himself as a late '80's metalhead in a rock and roll band. The downward spiral began in his late teens, when after years of abstinence, he took his first hit on his beloved classical guitar. He spent many years thereafter in GU (Guitaraholics Anonymous) working with mentors such as Norbert Kraft, Jeffery McFadden, Bob Erlendson and Pierre Gallant to name a few, sorting out his technique, direction and thought process. Scott has toured extensively across Canada and abroad, performing primarily Classical Guitar. To this date, he has recorded 2 Cd's of Classical guitar and published 5 collections of books on guitar theory and practice.

Today, when not in the mountains being pulled around by his 3 rowdy hounds, Scott devotes his time to teaching as an off campus instructor for MRU and as the inmate administrator of the Asylum for Art where he teaches a number of popular group guitar classes

Tim Williams House Concert

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Tim Williams, a 40 year veteran of the roots music scene in North America, is a blues-based singer/ songwriter/ multi- instrumentalist, and is in constant demand. Inspired by the Hillbilly and Western Swing music he heard as a child, Tim absorbed late Fifties Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll, Hawaiian and Mexican music, early Sixties Folk, and Bluegrass “like a sponge” before discovering a passion for traditional blues styles which was fueled by seing many first generation blues musicians live during the “Blues Boom” of the mid and late Sixties.

Tim will be hosting an afternoon clinic

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