July 30, 2021



Alexanne Soble
Emily Slaney
Bobby Henderson

Join Alexanne Soble and Emily Slaney for an evening of soulful harmonies and feel good tunes. Two friends with different musical backgrounds bring together a mix of R’nB and singer/songwriter in the form of an acoustic set you won’t want to miss!

When Calgary songwriters Annie da Silva and Bobby Henderson made a 3am pact to form a group and record an album, they were unknowingly establishing the core tenets of Dear Friend. The band would exist around capturing the rawest emotions in the most spontaneous of moments, which encapsulates their debut EP “Dying Days”. The album effortlessly moves between alt-folk to 70’s-esq pop and rhythm and blues, all anchored by da Silva and Henderson’s rich vocal performances. In performance, you can count on Dear Friend’s ability to guide you through an intimate setlist filled with storytelling and vulnerability.