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    David Belcourt

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Magpie Cove Presents: Botanicals

June 11 – July 31


Making Art, Better Together.
Magpie Cove was established in 2017. Created with the intention of building a community art space. Building a supportive and creative environment for artists and non-artists alike. A place where ideas and creativity are encouraged.

The Cove strives to cultivate compassion, with a strong emphasis on self-compassion, respect, and freedom of expression; growing a magical realm for all involved.


Leya Biography

I have been a full-time photographer and artist for 13 years. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Growing up with dyslexia and ADHD, I have always been a visual thinker with an innate strength for communicating with images… not so much with words. Sincerely understanding just how important it is for an individual to have a voice, to be able to clearly communicate. has led me to discover all kinds of different visual and physical ways to tell stories. My passions and fearless curiosity have led me on many adventures; dedicating my life to documenting and sharing stories. Creating art with the intention of connecting people to each other, our place in time, and, our environment. Having the honour to build a space, Magpie Cove, to honours compassion and respect for experience.

I have spent the last almost 20 years travelling the world. I have learned there is far more that connects us than can ever separate us and that people everywhere have a story worth telling. I want to help share these stories. Human Stories. I want to express my own personal experiences and leave room for people to ask their own questions, come at things from another direction and maybe even build bridges. Can We Draw Our Feelings Already


David Belcourt - Opening April 9, 2022

David Belcourt, is Calgary based artist, who’s work is rooted in graffiti, exploring the many facets of this global phenomenon. Recently, his art has focused on urban spaces and the relationships between the natural and man-made worlds. In addition, his work has also been looking at identity within graffiti, both individually, as well as, collectively. His work uses a range of mediums, from oil painting to acrylic, spray paint, installation and assemblage. David graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art, from the University of Calgary, majoring in painting ands drawing. Since then has worked professionally as an artist, with a career that has been diverse.This includes working sixteen years in the film industry. There, he was in charge of scenic artists in the creation of sets for movies, television and stage. David has also taught art for several years at Foundations for the Future Charter Academy. His work has appeared in both solo and group exhibitions and is in collections across Canada, as well as, internationally. His career continues to grow, with a few exhibitions scheduled for 2022, through his continued commitment with graffiti and experimentation of materials and always challenging how we view and accept graffiti as an art form. 

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