April 3, 2022



Doug Waite

Every Saturday and Sunday

Come on down and listen to some great music and indulge in waffles, eggs Bennie and more!

Doug has written a bunch of songs and is recording them in his basement these days. His plan is to release one on Bandcamp, via Facebook, every Friday. At this rate, he should be through his current list of songs in about two years.

Doug has composed music for film, TV, theatre, and modern dance. Hebusked throughout Europe. He’s taught many people to play and writesongs. He won first place in the Calgary Folk Fest Songwriting contest two years in a row !!

Doug has had numerous bands, beginning in 1979 with Charles Atlas and the Real Men. He toured to Spain with the Ramblin’ Ambassadors, and produced the Bownesians‘ Picnic for 9 years. His most recent real band was Büsker Dü.

Doug is currently playing with his friend John Warkinton, a trombonist, and when John isn’t available, Doug works with a looping pedal.