April 10, 2022



Luis Barros

Every Saturday and Sunday

Come on down and listen to some great music and indulge in waffles, eggs Bennie and more!

Luis Barros is a musician from Brazil who, inspired by The Beatles and Brazilian music (Bossa Nova and Popular Music of Brazil), created the (cover-acoustic) project ‘Across the Universe’

Luis Barros is a musician from Brazil who is passionate about The Beatles and Brazilian music. Inspired by The Beatles songs, Popular Music of Brazil (MPB) and Bossa Nova (a traditional Brazilian genre, originated by the fusion of Jazz and Samba), Luis Barros created the project ‘Across the Universe’, where he plays acoustic cover songs, revisiting The Beatles and Brazilian sound, creating an atmosphere where the beauty of the rhythm and melody of Brazilian music blend with the magnificence of The Beatles songs, offering a unique journey celebrating music across the universe.