January 14, 2022



Nathan M. Godfrey
Mike Tod

Godfrey & Tod play music that runs the gamut of the old-time repertoire – from the early cowboy songs of Alberta to the ballads of Appalachia; from ragtime mandolin to banjo breakdowns; from well-worn fiddle tunes to the intricate parlor guitar styles of the 19th century. Many of their songs were learned from 78 rpm records and classic field recording collections. Their music is filled with the echoes of pre-bluegrass masters like Hobart Smith, Clarence Ashley, Wilf Carter, The Romaniuk Family, The Dallas String Band, Dock Boggs, E. C. Ball and more. Nathan M. Godfrey has performed on stages throughout North America, the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Argentina, solo, as a sideman with the likes of Petunia, Tomi Fujiyama, John Cohen, and as a member of the Jeremy Gignoux Acoustic Ensemble. Mike Tod is a seasoned storyteller and scholar of folk music. He’s the creator of the hit podcast “The Folk”, a woodworker and ethnomusicologist. Mike has conducted a unique study of the history of folk music in Alberta, resulting in an unpublished book on the topic and a mythical collection of recordings made on the historic tape machine of Canadian folklorist Edith Fowke. Joining Godfrey and Tod at the Asylum on January 14th will be prolific instrumental phenom Keith Rodger on upright bass and tenor banjo. Exclaim.ca called Godfrey and Tod’s eponymous album “a real old-time treat” that “ought to be required listening for Albertans.”