September 4, 2021



Kelly Steele
Mark Limacher
Jon Wielebnowski
Nate Chiang

Kelly Steele is a tap dance performer, instructor, and choreographer from Calgary, where she has been tap dancing for over 20 years. She has performed as part of residencies at the Vancouver International Tap Festival, Tap City in New York City, Sarah Reich’s Tap Music Project in Los Angeles, and Nicholas Young’s Institute for the Rhythmic Arts in Chicago. Kelly is passionate about the connection between tap dance and music, playing with musicians at events such as International Jazz Day, the Feats Festival of Dance, and JazzYYC’s Canadian Jazz Festival with the Kelly Steele Quartet.

Kelly is joined by Mark Limacher (piano), Jon Wielebnowski (bass), and Nate Chiang (drums), for a night of tap dance and jazz music.