February 12, 2022



Kirby Sewell
Jerry Proppe
Jeff Meszaros

Kirby SINGS the Paul’s is an original tribute to arguably the two finest songwriters in popular music history. Kirby Sewell, a Maple Blues Award winning singer/songwriter, has loved the adventure of combing thru these songbooks to find timeless melodies that bring out the soul in his voice.   “The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and both Paul M. & Paul S’s solo careers contain a lot of material for a Blues singer to sink their teeth into,” says Sewell.  ‘Often, their songs pay homage to the roots of rock n roll, to gospel, to soul and indeed the Blues and I’ve enjoyed finding those perfect songs and the new sides of my voice that they inspire.’ The Pauls original tribute include the musical artistry of Jerry Proppe on piano/keys/vox  and Jeff Meszaros on guitar/vox. Their unique arrangements and vocal harmonies will take the audience on an new musical adventure down memory lane.  Kirby SINGS The Pauls is an infectious soulful expression of McCartney & Simon that will Inspire you to SING along. It makes for a fun, memorable evening!