December 31, 2021



Scott Arnold

Scott Arnold, RMT (ARMT), Off-Campus Instructor (MRU), Guitarist, Banjoist, Trombonist, Composer, Arranger, Guitar Guru (CBC), Counter-Culture Nomad (CBC), Benevolent Dictator, Author, Photographer, Dog Sledder, self committed member of The Asylum for Art, all ’round nice guy and graw as … (Tracy A Smith) believes that art is a reflection of society and making art is a balance of expressing your own beliefs within the framework of our culture, but at the same time advancing the language and technique and dedicating good time to ensure the next generation is capable of doing the same to carry the torch to the following generation.

Scott spent his misguided youth playing classical piano and guitar before establishing himself as a late ’80’s metalhead in a rock and roll band. The downward spiral began in his late teens, when after years of abstinence, he took his first hit on his beloved classical guitar. He spent many years thereafter in GU (Guitaraholics Anonymous) working with mentors such as Norbert Kraft, Jeffery McFadden, Bob Erlendson and Pierre Gallant to name a few, sorting out his technique, direction and thought process. Scott has toured extensively across Canada and abroad, performing primarily Classical Guitar. To this date, he has recorded 2 Cd’s of Classical guitar and published 5 collections of books on guitar theory and practice.

Today, when not in the mountains being pulled around by his 3 rowdy hounds, Scott devotes his time to teaching as an off campus instructor for MRU and as the inmate administrator of the Asylum for Art where he teaches a number of popular group guitar classes