February 7, 2021



Sherryl Sewepagaham

Sherryl Sewepagaham is a Cree-Dene hand drum singer, songwriter, music educator and music therapist. Sherryl is a co-founding and 23-year member of the Edmonton-based, Indigenous women’s trio Asani. Asani released their debut album Rattle & Drum in 2005, which received many music award nominations and awards, including nominations at the Juno Awards and Canadian Western Music Awards both in 2006. Asani’s follow-up album, Listen released in 2009, received additional nominations and awards, including a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2010. Sherryl continues to compose music as a solo artist and released her debut album, Splashing the Water Loudly in 2014. Sherryl has worked with many local (and former local) artists such as Maria Dunn, Shannon McDade, Chris Andrew, Mario Allende, Sandro Dominelli, Robert Walsh, and Dale Ladouceur.