August 19, 2021



Aaron Young
Sheldon Valleau
Brett Spaulding

By the time Aaron Young was just 23 years old, he had already produced, arranged and performed on over 15 albums. It was clear that music wasn’t going to be in his future, it was going to be his future. With eclectic influences ranging from Lenny Breau, Jim Croce, Chet Atkins, James Taylor, Danny Gatton, Bruce Cockburn, Randy Rhodes, Glenn Campbell, Eddie Van Halen, Muddy Waters, Pat Metheny, and countless more, Young went on to perform in the world-beat stage show Barrage for 5 years, touring Asia, Scandanavia, the UK, Canada and the US.You may have even seen the odd glimpse of his work on PBS, CBC, MTV, Bravo and the BBC.

For Sheldon Valleau What started out to be a busking trip to Europe quickly evolved into being a full time band, living in Nice, France. We played anywhere from underground jazz clubs to major functions held by the hotels in Monaco and for some exclusive parties held by the prince of Monaco. This is where my expertise in dealing with event coordinators, agents, managers, international audiences and sound engineers was born, both in English and French. The band eventually moved back to Alberta, where we played concert series, state fairs, bars and festivals from coast to coast in both the U.S and Canada. We represented Canada at Epcot Center in Disneyworld several times and had been on television more times than we can remember.

Brett Spaulding plays guitar based, rockin’ Bluesy pop music. Brett won the CBMA guitar player of the year in 2016. Although he says “songwriting is the most important element to being an artist. The song is the most important thing and should always come first. Otherwise it’s just public masterbation…” Brett Spaulding is born and raised and based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has played in many different bands locally and regionally. Currently aside from his own projects, he is the guitar player and second singer in “The Mike Clark Band”