16 Week Core Classes

Fall ~ September to January
Spring ~ February to June

Campfire Guitar Bootcamp 101 for Adults

Students enrolled in Campfire Bootcamp 101 will be given the opportunity to play and sing fun, varied songs with other people and will be given instruction for various ways to approach accompaniment. The songs will be kept simple to afford greater, relaxed expression and more material.

Spring 2024 | Tuesdays 5:30p ~ REGISTRATION OPEN
Spring 2024 | Thursdays 8p ~  REGISTRATION OPEN
Summer 2024 | Tuesdays 8p ~ REGISTRATION OPEN
Fall 2024 | Tuesdays 5:30p ~ REGISTRATION OPEN SOON
Fall 2024 | Thursdays 8p ~ REGISTRATION OPEN SOON

Campfire Guitar Bootcamp 101 for Youth

The Campfire Guitar for Youth Class for 9-15 year olds is a spinoff of the popular Campfire Bootcamp 101 for adults. Whether just beginning or experienced, students are given the opportunity to play and sing fun, varied songs appropriate to their age group. The songs are written out in an easy to understand format with basic instruction on how to approach accompaniment and soloing. Variations are included on how to expand those techniques to ensure all students reach their potential. Class size is kept small so students receive personalized instruction and the setlist is chosen primarily by the students.

Spring 2024 | Thursdays 6:00p ~ REGISTRATION OPEN
Fall 2024 | Thursdays 6:00p ~ REGISTRATION OPEN SOON

Jazz Class

Open to all instruments, this course offers students the opportuity to explore improvisation strategies in a group setting.
During each 16 week session we will explore several jazz forms from ‘The Real Book’ including altered blues, simple bossa nova and swing standards. Students will learn to play the ‘Head’, explore comping strategies and practise soloing over 
Spring 2024 | Wednesdays 7:30p ~ REGISTRATION OPEN
Fall 2024 | Wednesdays 7:30p ~ REGISTERATION OPEN SOON

Garage Band Revival for Adults

This isn’t a class as much as it is a great place to get together in small groups to play  and share music. It will complement the Campfire Guitar Bootcamp 101 well in that there will only be 1 meeting/month and rather than learning a pile of songs and riding the wave in a big group weekly. There will only be a handful of songs, small groups and proper arrangements. Experiment with songwriting and learn the ins and outs of making arrangements.

2024 Summer | May to August | Saturdays 4:30p | 1/mo
2024-25 | September to April | Saturdays 4:30p | 1/mo (Registration open soon)

Session Classes

Fall ~ September to December
Winter ~ January to March
Spring ~ April to June

Beginner Guitar

How many strings does this thing have? You will learn this and so much more in this class.

This class is for the adult complete beginner who has never picked up the guitar or only knows a few chords and is having trouble making it sound like something anyone but your mother can love.

Spring 2024 | Tuesdays 7p ~ REGISTRATION OPEN
Fall 2024 | Tuesdays 7p ~ REGISTRATION OPEN SOON

Slide Guitar w/ Tim Williams

Americana FingerStyle Guitar w/ Tim Williams

The term “Americana” covers a broad range of contemporary genres. The course will touch on Blues, Rockabilly, Travis Picking, Hawaiaan Slack Key, Classic Singer-Songwriter accompaniment styles, and much more.  Students need to be competent with first position chords and open to learning new variations, and willing to put in the time to “divorce” the picking thumb from the fingers (sometimes referred to as thumb independence). A sense of fun and musical adventure is also always an asset.

Fall 2023 | Thursdays 7:00p ~ REGISTRATION CLOSED

Fretboard Harmony

How does the guitar work? 
This course is intended to provide the students with information needed to confidently navigate the fretboard. 
Starting with an exploration of scales and intervals we’ll learn how to build chords in any key, anywhere on the guitar, providing the student with the musical vocabulary necessary to improvise and add excitement to their guitar skills.
Spring 2024 | Wednesdays 6:30 ~ REGISTRATION CLOSED
Fall 2024 | Wednesdays 6:30 ~ REGISTRATION OPEN SOON

We offer 1 on 1 lessons in strings, piano and voice. This is the best way to focus on a specific topic and completely tailor your learning. Please fill out the placement form for us to suggest the best teacher for you. Once we connect you with an instructor, you can set up the scheduling and get started.

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