16 Week Session

Fall ~ September to January
Spring ~ February to June

Campfire Guitar Bootcamp 101 for Youth

The Campfire Guitar for Youth Class for 9-15 year olds is a spinoff of the popular Campfire Bootcamp 101 for adults. Whether just beginning or experienced, students are given the opportunity to play and sing fun, varied songs appropriate to their age group. The songs are written out in an easy to understand format with basic instruction on how to approach accompaniment and soloing. Variations are included on how to expand those techniques to ensure all students reach their potential. Class size is kept small so students receive personalized instruction and the setlist is chosen primarily by the students.

Summer 2023 | Tuesdays 6:00p
Fall 2023 | Thursdays 6:00p

Intro to Videography for Youth

Welcome to the wonderful world of Photography and videography! This is a medium that is all around us everywhere we look from television, movies, social media, store locators in shopping malls, billboards – everywhere. Our devices have gotten really great at doing the work for us, but with a few fundamental basics, the product becomes a multi dimensional art form.

Winter 2023 | Tuesdays 7:00p

6 Week Session

Fall ~ September to December
Winter ~ January to March
Spring ~ April to June

Composition for Youth

The composition class for youth is formed as a workshop that concentrates on the melodic, harmonic and formal structures of different genres. Every class, there will be a composition assignment due next class. The final concert piece will be one of the assignment pieces chosen and performed by the students.

The students are required to have some knowledge on music theory and, is expected to play an instrument (minimum Grade 4 is advised).

Winter 2023 | Tuesdays 7:30p
Alternating Weeks

We offer 1 on 1 lessons in strings, piano and voice. This is the best way to focus on a specific topic and completely tailor your learning. Please fill out the placement form for us to suggest the best teacher for you. Once we connect you with an instructor, you can set up the scheduling and get started.