Fretboard Harmony | Fall 2023 | W6:30

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About Course

This is a 60 min, 10 week class held Wednesdays at 6:30 from September to December 2023

Registration Deadline: August 31, 2023

How does the guitar work? This hands- on course will introduce you to the concept of ‘musical literacy’ and give you the tools necessary to comfortably navigate the entire fretboard. Each week a new topic will be introduced along with exercises intended to help assimilate the new information as part of your musical vocabulary.

What Will You Learn?

  • Starting with an exploration of scales and intervals we’ll learn how to build chords and arpeggios in any major & minor key, anywhere on the guitar, providing students with the musical vocabulary necessary to harmonize, improvise and add variety to their guitar skills.

Course Content

week 1
Major scales. How to build a major scale on one string starting from ANY note. How to use the C major scale to find EVERY natural note on your guitar. How to find the key signature for every key.

week 2
Identifying notes and their function(s) within a scale. Naming and recognizing the intervals between notes. Using scale patterns to transpose a simple melody into any key.

week 3
Using the major scale pattern to build position scales starting on any string, in any position. Naming and recognizing intervals within position scales. Transposing simple melodies using position scales.

week 4
Inverted intervals. Harmonizing the major scale. Discuss course assignments

week 5
Chords; Exploring the 4 basic triads, the intervals within each triad and their respective positions in the major scale.

week 6
Harmonizing simple melodies with triads.

week 7
Minor scales and their altered forms on one string and in positions. Transposing simple melodies in minor keys.

week 8
Harmonizing minor scales using 3rds, 6ths and triads.

week 9
Review all material, present course assignments.

week 10
Introduction to modes.

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