Jazz Class | Spring 2024 | W7:30

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About Course

This is a 90 min, 16 week class held Wednesdays at 7:30 From February to June 2023/24
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Open to all instruments, this course offers students the opportuity to explore improvisation strategies in a group setting.

During each 16 week session we will explore several jazz forms from ‘The Real Book’ including altered blues, simple bossa nova and swing standards. Students will learn to play the ‘Head’, explore comping strategies and practice soloing over the changes.

Every 8 weeks, the class will showcase our efforts with a performance at the Asylum ‘Sunday Jam Session’.

New students will be admitted to the class with approval from the instructor.

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What Will You Learn?

  • 3-6 contrasting jazz standards in different keys;
  • Scales and arpeggios appropriate for improvising over each of the pieces
  • Seventh chords (and possibly more extensions) in forms that voice lead in a logical manner for each piece

Course Content

week 1
An overview of 3 pieces, Mister P.C. , Summer Samba and Satin Doll. We will explore strategies for playing the Head of each piece as well as learning the basic harmony by applying 7th chords for accompaniment. Downloadable materials will be available.

week 2
Review the Heads and harmonies for each piece Work on performance and improv strategies for Mr P.C.

week 3
Review the pieces, work on performance and improv strategies for Satin Doll

week 4
Review the pieces, work on performance and improv strategies for Summer Samba

week 5
Review the pieces, discuss and practise voice leading using the chord forms for each piece

week 6
Review, then discuss and explore the II - V - I exercises.

week 7
Review and apply improv tools to all 3 pieces

week 8
Dress rehearsal for performance at the Sunday Jam

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