From the rhythm of our Mother’s heartbeat, music is our first social interaction. All cultures have an oral tradition of song to teach our past and impart our values. The connections and mnemonic impressions for children in joining their voices and passions to the group are imperative to the development of their being. At Asylum for Art, we feel that this journey first begins with you and your child together so they can enjoy the social dynamic of a group environment from the emotional safety of their caregivers arms.  As they grow and develop into the persons that they will become, we gradually move to independent classes and then eventually to the beginnings of formal music education.

Our Programs are structured with both age and aptitude in mind and are developed to recognize that ear training encourages music, movement, and language development. With a focus on the needs of the child, our musical play class has been created to enhance learning in a holistic approach. The curriculum is spaced to allow time for the wonder of discovery while encouraging musical growth at their developmentally appropriate level and placing value on home practice with their biggest fans (you). At Asylum for Art our Early Childhood Education philosophical base is a curated blend of the Montessori and Reggio axioms which pays special attention to the growth of their social, intellectual, and emotional well-being. The musical pedagogy is developed from the Kodaly Method, the Orff Approach, and Dalcroze Eurhythmics teaching approaches. During class, we sing, listen, move, and play our way to a greater understanding and passion for music. These musical components are foundational in practicing and beginning to understand the beat, meter, and phrase forms.  It is essential for children to be exposed to proper speech, and dramatic storytelling to create a rich aural experience that will help them form language and begin to sing.  Children learn best by listening and then experimenting, children under the age of six are at their most creative and explorative stages these classes can be a large part of that.

Sing: Our song catalogue is chosen from folk traditions from around the world focusing on the things that bring us together and the beauty of nature.

Listen: Little ears are exposed to beautiful songs, chants, rhymes,  finger plays and stories with dramatic flair.  The children learn through listening and then experimentation.

Move: Class participation in activities such as games, dancing, and action songs.

Play: Children love to watch, touch, and mimic and we provide them the opportunity to play with the instruments and musical materials.

Summer Day Camps

5 Day Classes
9:00 am to 12:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Age 3 – 5

Musical art based summer camp will include storytime , songs and rhymes, introduction to playing rhythm instruments, dance and movement exploration, dramatic play, arts and crafts, snack and play at the neighbourhood park, musical games, learning the musical alphabet, and understanding beat versus rhythm. Then an exciting time to share our new musical knowledge with a parent music class on the final day as a showcase.

Daily activities will be much like our semester programs. We  will spend our time singing, listening, moving and playing. With the benefits of daily classes we will be able to provide more time to focus and share thoughts and ideas about our musical adventures. We will have extended time to allow for repetition and practice allowing even the shy more hesitant student to participate with ease and confidence. Daily opportunites will be given to develop fine motor practice learning the musical alphabet and arts and crafts. The children will enjoy storytelling, snack time and even a trip to the park for more fun group activities. 

Bringing traditional Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes from our collective childhoods and introducing them to the next generation.


Fairy Tales and Rhymes

ASYLUMforART 2505 14 St SW, Calgary, Alberta

Bringing traditional Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes from our collective childhoods and introducing them to the next generation.

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Fairy Tales and Rhymes

ASYLUMforART 2505 14 St SW, Calgary, Alberta

Bringing traditional Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes from our collective childhoods and introducing them to the next generation.

Incorporating costumes and dress up with songs of life on the high seas and the secret lives of fairies.

Songs of the wild from the howl of the lonely wolf cub to the flutter of butterfly wings.

Session Classes


Weekly Classes
10 or 12 weeks long
Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions

0 – 9 months Parented

This Parented class is all about bonding with your infant in a safe and nurturing environment.  This class is about helping parents who may not have a music background develop the confidence to sing to their baby (Yours is the only voice they’ve ever known so, of course, they want you to sing to them).  It is also a time to bond as a community with parents in the same benchmark of child development.

10 – 24 Months Parented

Children in this stage of development are all about the early stages of exploring the world around them with the emotional security of their caregivers being close at hand.  These classes focus on the beginnings of pairing music with movement and actions.

20 Months – 3 Years Parented

This program is for children who are beginning the journey of independent class participation.  This is a very exciting time for your Toddler, and we want them (and you) to get the most out of it.  By utilizing call and response stories and songs your child is becoming an active participant and has an input into the experience.

3 – 4.5 years with valued adult companion

Oh how far we have come, this is our last parented age bracket.  With the developmental benchmark of cooperative play being in this age group we want to help your child recognize theirs peers not as competition for toys (or in this case musical materials) but play and help mates for the musical and movement activities. We will begin to introduce vocal exercises and echo songs. children love to share their voice with the group. The singing material quality and quantity increase in challenge throughout the semester. The children get opportunities to experience and refine skills with our rhythm instruments. we dance and move to engaging stories, songs and rhymes . we hope to encourage your child will go home humming to their favourite melodies.

4.5 – 6 years Independent

This program is about nurturing the transition to independent learning and engagement.  vocal development is a main focus of this class. We participate in engaging musical activities with focus on dramatic play and developing our singing voice. we continue to work on our listening and memorization skills. as we progress we incorporate note recognition and playing additional rhythm instruments and the glockenspiel. in story format we introduce the musical note family and practice with rhythm patterns and solfège hand signs.

during class we become familiar solfege terms, singing patterns, and solfa hand signs